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Are you alone in your hotel room on business trip at the end of the day? The whole day in hectic, packed with appointments, talks and meetings. And then in the evening even with business partners "hang out" and talk about the same as during the day? Any option for you? And what now? TV on and emptying the minibar? Believe me, there are some nicer alternatives that will make you much, much more fun, and from which you will awake full of Energy next morning.


Imagine dipping into an evening (and not only) of the world of eroticism and lust that excites you, gives free rein to your pleasure and relaxes you. Do you want to spend an unforgettable time with laughter, witty conversations, sparkling eroticism and good humor in the company of a lady? Are you longing for caresses, closeness and relaxation in intimate togetherness? Would you like someone to respond to your wishes and preferences and share them? Would you like to relive what you long for? Would you like to feel my hands on your skin, indulge in a massage and forget the world out there?

Allow me to touch your senses.


Enjoy the time. With me.

My name is Linda and in "normal" life I work as a management assistant and understand how stressful and packed with appointments, meetings and deadlines are the days of business people and managers. In the evening at the hotel you just want to leave the day behind, relax and talk about something else (or not) than obligations, strategies and appointments. Do you want to spend a relaxing time filled up with fun, witty conversations and thrilling erotic in the company of a lady? Are you longing for caresses and relaxation in intimate togetherness? Enjoy an evening with me: whatever it is –  dinner, walk, shopping, theater, nightlife or private time in your hotel suite. Experience an unforgettable and exciting escort in Hamburg or in another city you prefer.

Escort lady linda based in hamburg

Escort in English Hamburg
  • Hair: dark brown
  • Eyes: brown
  • Height: 176 cm / 70 inch
  • Chest: 80C / 36C
  • Age: 39
  • Body: curvy
  • Languages: first language German, conversation: English & Russian
  • Perfumes: Chanel "Chance", Hermès "Kelly Calèche"
  • Drinks: Champagner, white wine
  • Hobbies: literature, jogging, traveling, cinema
  • Cuisine: Sushi, cuisine exquisite Mediterranean
  • Flowers: Freesia, Hydrangea, Roses



my preferences

Oral sex
I enjoy it

My preferences: here you will not find a list with enumerations (but this list you will see on my Whatsapp-profile), because everything results in the situation, according to your preferences and wishes. Please ask me, if you would like to know something in detail. And there are a lot of things, I really like :-)

I am firmly convinced that you will love and enjoy my submissive beeing.


Only few things: you can also bring a playmate with you (second man or woman), please book accordingly. Although I can not promise that it will rain red roses on our date, but a golden shower I can probably arrange on request. A relaxing massage afterwards or even before, to get into the mood, you will not miss. If you would like to know more or something specific, just ask me, but also pay the attention, that the mouth should be not used for speaking only.

I love what I do and I enjoy it to the fullest.