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Hoteldate Hamburg
Escortdate in Hamburg


I'm happy that you are on my page for High-Class Escortservice. Please allow me to give you some inspirations for an all-round successful date in this section. Every date is different, because the people, the situations and also the slot for each date are different. Let yourself be inspired and book your dream date with your Escort-Lady Linda from Hamburg!


It does not matter if you are in Hamburg for a day, stay here longer or want to invite me to go on vacation or a short trip. I will enjoy your presence and be your friend, your lover and your companion. I love to meet people, to explore the new, and I am always thrilled to see how great it feels to experience affection, fun and recognition from another person. Please allow me to make this gift to you. As your Escortlady, I would like to give you a wonderful and unforgettable time. Do you enjoy a sensual eroticism with me or may it be a bit rougher?

bed & breakfast

Escortdate booking
Cup of coffee with you

(Privatetime 2-4 hours)

It is often the case that you come for business to Hamburg and go out to dinner with your business partners in the evening, then sit comfortably in the restaurant or at the bar and the evening has already passed. How about, if you enjoy the dessert of dinner in the next morning? You have no stress to try to manage everything (go out for dinner and come hurring back in to hotel for date) the evening before, if you have some activieties planned or your plane arrives late. But you can enjoy the morning extensively. It is up to you whether this is a date on weekdays for 2 hours or on weekends up to 4 hours including a breakfast together until you leave. I love these dates, which are so full of energy in the morning and give you a great mood for the whole day!

Stay with me

Escort Hoteldate Hamburg

(Privatetime 3 hours and more)

Do you have few hours and desire to have a good time? Perfect. Do we want to go out for a dinner, return to hotel and enjoy our togetherness extensively? And with "extensively" I mean extensively. You will not miss a massage in between or at the end of our date. Relax, leave your everyday thoughts and worries for this evening in behind and enjoy every minute with me. If you want me to stay with you for a while, we cuddle up close to each other in the big bed and you feel how your body relaxes and settles down to our shared intimacy.

pure passion

Hotel Escort Hamburg
The evening is nearing its peak...

(Privatetime for 2 hours)

 I am very aware that your time is precious and sometimes the private is almost too short. Inspite of this fact, it is not necessary to live without caresses, erotic contacts and new sensual impressions. It does not have to be a disadvantage, even if you have little time to live out your own needs and desires to the fullest and enjoy. As your Escort lady I visit you in your hotel room, we talk a little, maybe drink a glass of champagne or prosecco and come closer. Or would you like to “enjoy me” immediately and invite me to the champagne afterwards? Yes, I know, sometimes the time is very, very short and you really want to get to the point without "ifs and buts" ...

sunday evening

Hoteldate Escort
I'm waiting for you

(Dinner & private time from 3 hours and more)

 You have arrived in Hamburg on Sunday evening and would like to relax a bit before the week starts full of appointments and meetings? I am happy to arrange for a pleasurable weekend. When you have checked in at your hotel and cleaned the dust from your shoes, we meet in the foyer of your hotel. The welcome and the first look in you eyes is a wonderful moment, because everything is still possible: a harmonious evening crowned with seductive erotic. Depending on the facilities of the hotel, we can have an aperitif in the hotel bar and then get to know each other during a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant (or take a taxi to go to to the one of the many great  first-class restaurants in Hamburg). The velvety sweetness on the tongue is still reminiscent of the dessert; a look, your hand takes mine and now the question: do we want? I feel your hand on my body already in the elevator and we can hardly wait until we are in the room. The evening is nearing its peak ....


Erotische Massagen Escort
Bevore and after massage

(12-15 hours)

Make the night to the day with me, enjoy our time without hassle and deadlines. I spoil you not only with a good mood and massage, but we can together inquire the scene of Hamburg, visit an "adult party" or just make us a nice evening in bed and see what the night brings. The new day will come, with or without breakfast together – only the wonderful hours of the last night will come up as beautiful memories in our mind again and again.


Sex Escort travelling
Escort Traveldate

(24 hours and more)

 I pack my suitcase and take with me: my good mood, stay-ups and a perfume of Chanel. Oh yes, that even fits in a purse. You pick me up at the airport of my destination and we start our unforgettable date. Hamburg is far away and the closer I feel you in a pleasurable excitement on everything that comes. Are you showing me "your" city or is it a place that is new to both of us? So we can explore everything for the first time: the environment and each other's bodies. I am looking forward to many nice surprises and highlights, which brings a journey with you.